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Vectorium Plus is a green convertible coin based on blockchain technologies that allows you to store amounts of value. Enhanced with built in powerful Proof of Stake system. After 4 years, you’ll be able to convert any of your coins into corporate equity.

How to buy (Read full guide here --> https://medium.com/@vectorium.flash/how-to-buy-vectorium-plus-directly-with-fiat-without-using-any-cryptocurrency-8587fd0a9501?sk=22879a6aa6a99f5b6be16d62fb684a38)

1) Download and install VectoriumPlus Core here  

2) Copy your receiving address and paste it inside our order form


3) Upload a valid Address proof and Passport/ID

4) Select the desidered quantity

5) Checkout!

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PRESALE - VCTP - VectoriumPlus - 1 COIN - 20% OFF

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